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Special Priced Items (Net)

Used for Item that are listed at Net Prices, and no further discounts.

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  1. 6" Clear Round Plastic Azalea Pots

    6" Clear Round Plastic Azalea Pots


    6" round clear plastic heavy duty pots that can be used for orchids and other plants, both indoor and outdoor.

    These pots are 6" wide and 5" deep.

    This Overstock Special will include 10 of these pots for one discounted price

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  2. Cymbidium dayanum x self *Flask*

    Cymbidium dayanum x self *Flask*


    10385 Cymbidium dayanum x self

    This easy to bloom species is native to regions throughout South East Asia.  Fast growing with vigorous grassy foliage.  Pendant stems showcase dozens of small cream-colored blooms with blood red stripes on each petal. As plants mature to specimen size you will easily see multiple bloom stems each season. Perfect for a greenhouse collection.  Not for southern climates as it does require a chill to flower properly.

    We are offering very large final stage flasks with at least 12-15 plants in each ready to be planted out into compots. Several bottles available.  These have huge root systems.


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  3. Blc. Campobello- Parent of 10193

    Fragrant Cattleya Collection *5 Plants*


    Our latest Special Collection brings together five hybrid and species Cattleyas that are sure to delight with their captivating fragrances.  Each of the plants included are established in 2.5" pots, and expected to flower within two or three years.  All of these are considered 'Standard' growers which means they will be at least 18" tall at maturity and need bright, indirect light. (Not suitable for windowsill growing)

    9662 Laelia purpurata alba ‘June Bride’ AM/AOS x Laelia purpurata alba ‘Elias’ HCC/AOS

    10043  Pot. Greg Uzar 'Newberry Majesty' x Bc. Raspberry Parfait 'Lorraine McLellan'

    10176 Laelia purpurata coerulea 'Sweet Twilight' x Laelia purpurata werkhauseri 'Blue Sky'

    10193 Pot. Greg Uzar 'Newberry Majesty' x Blc. Campobello 'Mendenhall' HCC/AOS

    9876 Cattleya gaskelliana ‘Newberry Delight’ x self


    This collection is already discounted, therefore no further promo codes or coupons will apply to this special offer.

     To learn more about about this plant, including time to first flowering please click on the 'Additional Information' tab below


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  4. Trichocentrum stramineum  *Rare Species In Bud*

    Trichocentrum stramineum *Rare Species In Bud*


    Trichocentrum stramineum

    This rarely seen miniature species is considered one of the 'mule-eared' Oncidiums for its thick, fleshy foliage.  Short bunches of flat, pointed leaves emerge from the crown of the plant. Sprays of tiny cream colored blooms emerge in springtime, making for a lovely show.  

    Growing Suggestions:  We have found this species will flower best in medium to bright light, which can produce red blushing on the foliage.  Plants grown in more shade will have greener foliage but less blooms or will skip a season.  Cooler summer temperatures combined with medium to bright light would be best.  Grow in well draining media, as plants like to be watered frequently but hate soggy roots.  Good airflow is a must.

    We are offering a small group of Blooming Size plants established in 3.5" pots, some with spikes and buds visible.  Bloom photo shows example of species flowers.  Plant photos shows average seedling size. 

    Please understand that while some of these Special Offerings may be listed with spikes, buds or blooms, you are purchasing plants offered for their uniqueness, to be collected and grown by serious hobbyists or advanced growers.  For this reason please do not expect us to guarantee buds and blooms of One of a Kind Items.  If for some reason spikes are damaged, plants will reflower in the future with the right care.

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4 Item(s)

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