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Special Priced Items (Net)

Used for Item that are listed at Net Prices, and no further discounts.

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  1. 6" Clear Round Plastic Azalea Pots

    6" Clear Round Plastic Azalea Pots


    6" round clear plastic heavy duty pots that can be used for orchids and other plants, both indoor and outdoor.

    These pots are 6" wide and 5" deep.

    This Overstock Special will include 10 of these pots for one discounted price

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  2. Elephant Ear Staghorn Fern

    Elephant Ear Staghorn Fern (Platycerium elephantotis)


    Staghorn ferns are best suited for growing outdoors in warm climates, sunrooms or greenhouses. In nature, these epiphytes grow in trees where leaf debris collects but drains freely. This species is native to east & central Africa and has large rounded fronds that reach two feet or more in length at maturity. Considered one of the smaller members of this genus. Very rare! 

    Care Suggestions: Allow media to dry between watering to avoid root rot. Fertilize lightly once per month. Bright indirect light is best. Generally prefers temperatures of 55° or above but mature plants can tolerate short dips in the 40’s without damage.

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  3. Group of Three Cattleya Seedlings (Group C)

    Group of Three Cattleya Seedlings (Group C)



    We sell so many of our Cattleyas at young stages we rarely get a chance to grow them larger.  But offered here are three different Cattleya Seedlings in larger sizes than previously offered.



    8737 Cattleya Caudebec ‘Breckinridge’ (4N) AM/AOS  x Blc. Chinese Bronze (Similar Bloom Photo Shown) - Tall and slender biolfoliate with waxy blooms showing darker spotting

    9205 Blc. Oconee ‘Mendenhall’ sub-var ‘K-S’  x Pot. Memoria Mario Lanza ‘#15’- Clusters of maroon red blooms with strong fragrance.

    9729 (Blc. Jeremy Island x C. Horace) 'Best'  x  '#2'  - A new sibling cross for well shaped rosy-lavenders. Very Fragrant.

    We have one each of these in the 4" or larger pot sizes, Near Blooming Size.  We expect these plants to bloom in the next 12-18 months, or less. 


    Pricing on this item is Net, and no further discounts or Promo Codes apply. Due to size, this will be shipped at Actual Cost.  

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  4. Vandopsis gigantea *Rare Species*

    Vandopsis gigantea *Rare Species*


    Vandopsis gigantea also known as the 'Giant Vanda', is native to regions of southeast Asia.  Plants mature to large proportions, usually two feet tall, with foliage having a natural spread of two feet across.  The strap like leaves are thick, and tightly held to the main stem. Blooms are pale golden-rod yellow with darker brown-red markings across the petals. Flower spikes are somewhat pendant, mostly due to the weight of the blooms which can appear up to a dozen per stem on mature specimens. Blooming season is late winter into early spring, and flowers can last for weeks on the plant under proper conditions.

    This collectors plant is best for greenhouse, and outdoor growing conditions. Plants are very warm growing and are touchy about cold weather.  We suggest growing Vandopsis gigantea in 65-85 degrees, and plants can tolerate warmer weather is given proper humidity and water.   Plants are epiphytic and must be grown in well draining media.  Large baskets or similar containers filled with course tree fern, cork or other large grade media is the best choice for maturing and mature plants. Only repot in the springtime when new growth and roots are appearing, and do not disturb anymore than necessary. As with most members of the Vanda alliance, high humidity is a plus, and plants should be kept well watered except in the middle of cooler, winter weather. Regular balanced fertilizer is suggested. Mature plants of Vandopsis gigantea will need bright to very bright light in order to grow and flower well.  Seedlings need less until they are larger, and should gradually be acclimated to bright conditions. 

      Plants of this rare species are slow to start but gain momentum as they age.  We are offering seedling sized plants in 3" pots. Plants will need a few years to reach flowering size but will be worth the wait!  Supplies are very limited and for that reason pricing is net, meaning no further discounts or promo codes will apply.  These will disappear fast, so don't delay!

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4 Item(s)

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