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Please refer to individual items for time expected until first blooming. Many of our offerings are young plants that will need to be grown to flowering size.  Unless otherwise stated in the description, items listed are not sent in spike, bud or bloom.

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  1. Phalaenopsis Bench Clearing Special- 4" pot

    Phalaenopsis Bench Clearing Special- 4" pot


    Phalaenopsis or 'Moth Orchids' are considered a favorite with many home growers for their ease of culture. Most varieties will thrive and flower beautifully in a well-lit windowsill or sunroom and the showy stems of blooms can last for months. Best yet, they come in a stunning array of colors and markings.

    Plants will do best in an east or south facing window with plenty of bright, indirect light. Normal home temperatures, 65-85 degrees, are perfect for these through most of the year. In the fall, allow the temperature to drop into the low 60's or upper 50's for a few weeks to help initiate new flower spikes. This can be done by moving plants to a shaded porch or another room where the vents can be closed. Always allow the media to become dry before watering, using room temperature water and flushing the pot thoroughly. Never water with ice cubes or chilled water as this may cause damage to tender roots or foliage. Fertilizing can be done every 3-4 weeks with a balanced formula such as Dyna-Gro 7-8-6 or Urea Free 20-10-20.

    For a Limited Time and while supplies last, we are offering blooming size Phalaenopsis clones out growing 4" pots and ready to be moved into 6" or larger containers.  Many of them are Classic White but there are some assorted colors are mixed in.  Growers will send the nicest plants.

    Due to the size of these plants, shipping is at cost. All of these have flowered recently, and are expected to spike again in the new year.  Pricing is Net and no further discounts apply. Photos examples of the types we may send with this offer.

    These beautiful plants were provided by our friends at a wholesale orchid nursery in Hawaii. Because we did not raise them in our greenhouses, we can not guarantee them to be virus free as we would our own lab grown material. Otherwise, we guarantee your satisfaction and safe delivery as with other plant purchases.  *We want our customers to be aware that while most of these plants are tagged, many of the names are not registered and/or patented.

  2. Phalaenopsis equestris x sibling

    Phalaenopsis equestris x sibling


    Phalaenopsis equestris

    This offering is the result of line-breeding from the famous awarded 'Riverbend' cultivar.  Miniature growing plants will have sprays of dark lavender and white blooms.  The bloom stems continue to produce buds at the end for months after initial flowering is over.  Another plus is the fact that this species is known for producing keikis easily.

    These should be grown in intermediate to warm conditions year round and low light (1200-1500 foot candles) for best results.  They tend to make a lot of air roots vs. roots insode their pots which makes them ideal for mounts or small baskets. 

    We have a limited amount of seedlings ready for the first time.  We expect more to be ready at a later date. 

    Plants are currently growing in 2.5" pots and are near flowering size.  This means they are expected to bloom spikes in about 12-18 months.   Please Limit to One per Customer.

    Pricing on this item is Net and no further discounts will apply. 


2 Item(s)

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