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Please refer to individual items for time expected until first blooming. Many of our offerings are young plants that will need to be grown to flowering size.  Unless otherwise stated in the description, items listed are not sent in spike, bud or bloom.

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  1. Friday the 13th Bare-Root Collection

    Friday the 13th Bare-Root Collection


    Good Things CAN Happen on Friday the 13th!

    Repotting season is in full swing which makes our timing for this brand-new collection just perfect!  We are offering a group of 13 different Cattleya alliance species, hybrids and mericlones, several of which are listed for the very first time.  For a special, discounted price we will send one each of the following plants, bare-root and ready for potting into 2.5" to 3" pots upon arrival.  

    We can only sell a limited number of collections before supplies run out so don't delay in ordering.  Bare-root plants listed are offered as part of this collection only and are not available individually. No further discounts, promo codes or coupons will apply. 

    Please keep in mind we bare-root these plants from community trays, as they are needed for groups of orders.  If you would like to pick up a collection in person at the nursery you must call or email ahead.



    M9087 Blc. Spring Dawn ‘Top Row’- Large standard, Lavender pink blooms, Fall

    10181 Encyclia granitica “Mendenhall’ x self- New! Rare species, upright stems of spotted green blooms, Summer

    10200 Encyclia tampensis x Encyclia granitica- New cross, upright stems of green blooms, Summer

    10058 Lc. Floralia's Azul 'Sandra' AM/AOS x Cattleya amethystoglossa coerulea 'Blue Sky'-New! Clusters of blue flowers with spotting, husky growers, Summer

    M9092 Pot. Lynette and Alan ‘EOC’- Compact and cool growing, round dark orange-peach blooms, Winter

     M8556 Blc. Kure Beach ‘Lenette #2’ AM/AOS- Large Standard, gorgeous concolor yellow blooms with latent flaring, Fall/Winter

    10198 Cattleya harrisoniae 'Homestead' x Cattleya harrisoniae- New offering, Bold pink/lavender blooms on tall bifoliate growths, Summer

    10160 Blc. Lynn Spooner 'Mendenhall' x Blc. Michael Crocker 'Mendenhall'- New and exciting offering, Standard grower with our best dark purples yet, Summer

    10161 Cattleya labiata coerulea 'Canaima's Heidelbeer' x Cattleya labiata coerulea- Rare color form of easy growing species, Very Fragrant, Fall

    M7938 Slc. Sierra Doll ‘Newberry’- One of our best selling miniatures, perfect jewel-like fuschia blooms, Free Flowering

    10311 Epidendrum nocturnum- Miniature species, easy to grow on mounts, small cream and tan blooms, Free Flowering

    10281 Lc. Trick or Treat 'Orange Magic' AM/AOS x Laelia harpophylla- New cross, sprays of bright orange star-shaped blooms, Late Winter

    10278 Cattleya lueddemanniana 'Springtime' x Cattleya lueddemanniana 'Mendenhall'- New grex, rich dark form of this popular spring blooming species




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  2. Jewel Orchid Trio *NEW!*

    Jewel Orchid Trio *NEW!*


    Jewel Orchid Trio

    A very special new offering! Jewel Orchids and Painted Leaf Orchids are native to lush and shady forests in South East Asia.  They prefer low to medium light, making them the perfect choice for most windowsill collections.  Foliage can vary from light and green striping to the more showy species with multi-colored veining.  Shown here are three beautiful varieties that we know you will love.

    We suggest growing these in a moisture retaining media, like sphagnum moss.  The roots on this type of orchids should not be allowed to dry completely out.  Dilute fertilizer should be applied every three to four weeks, avoiding the foliage. Intermediate temperatures from 65-85 degrees, with good airflow is preferred.  The plants offered here were established this winter and do not need repotting in 2018.  Read below for more specific information on each of the plants included in this collection.

     Anoectochilus chapaensis- Short growing species with nearly black foliage.  Deep red veining is visible across the leaves, which appear in a rosette pattern.  Later in the season, upright stems of white and yellow blooms will emerge from the center of the rosette.  After blooming that growth will start to drop some foliage with new growth emerging alongside.

     Macodes petola- One of our favorites.  Almost miniature, this species has leaves in varying shades of emerald green with glittery-gold veining running across the foliage.  In sunlight these will sparkle like real jewels!  Stems of white blooms with yellow lips emerge from the center of the rosette.  After blooming, expect some leaf drop as the plant prepares for new foliage. Very important for this one to have even moisture around roots.

     Stenosarcos Vanguard 'Red Stripe'- An unusual mericlone with light and dark green leaf striping creating a 'painted' effect. Lovely and vigorous foliage in a rosette shape.  Tall upright stems of red blooms appear in fall and early winter.  This type will lose most if not all old foliage as the new growth emerges.  During that time watering should be reduced but not withheld completely.

    While supplies last, we will send one each of the plants listed above for one special collection price.  Plants are all established in 3" to 3.5" pots.  

    No further discounts, promo codes or coupons will apply. Regular Packing and Shipping will be added.


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