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Cattleyas, the royalty of the orchid family, are native to the slopes of the Andes in South America. On the mountain slopes they have moderate days and cool nights, so they appreciate a temperature drop in the evening. They are comfortable at temperatures as low as 55 degrees at night, with days in the 70's or higher. They need bright light (not full sun) to flower. They must have good drainage, and like to dry a bit between waterings. Fertilize lightly when they are in active growth. Repot in a well draining mix, like our Cypress blends, when they have outgrown the pot or the mix has broken down (every two or three years).

Please refer to individual items for time expected until first blooming. Many of our offerings are young plants that will need to be grown to flowering size.  Unless otherwise stated in the description, items listed are not sent in spike, bud or bloom.

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  1. Cattleya Portia coerulea

    Cattleya Portia coerulea *New Size*


    Cattleya Portia coerulea 

    (labiata coerulea ‘Canaimas Heidelbeer’ x bowringiana coerulea ‘ Willowpond’).

    Everyone loves a blue cattleya and our remake of this popular antique cross will produce some exceptionally showy results.  Plants will be large growing with clusters of lilac and blue flowers with soft yellow throats. Lightly fragrant.

    New Larger pot size being offered.  Plants are well established in 3.5" pots.

    To learn more about about this plant, including time to first flowering please click on the 'Additional Information' tab below.  Unless otherwise stated, please understand that bloom photos show mature sized plants not what those offered currently look like.

  2. Lc. Amphion 'Cherry Pie'

    Lc. Amphion 'Cherry Pie'


    Tall impressive growth habit from its Laelia tenebrosa parentage, combined with large blooms of coppery orange. A dependable late summer bloomer and a showy addition to your collection. 

    To learn more about about this plant, including time to first flowering please click on the 'Additional Information' tab below


2 Item(s)

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