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Carter and Holmes Orchids works to provide a variety of different orchids for sale including rare species, classic mericlones, new and unique hybrids grown from seed and more. Our goal is to offer healthy, vigorous plants that will thrive in different growing conditions, though we consider our 'niche' to be orchids that are suitable for the beginner or hobby grower. Our selections for sale will vary throughout the year.

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  1. Cattleya Alliance Starter Collection *Five Plants*

    Cattleya Alliance Starter Collection *Five Plants*


    Cattleya Alliance Starter Collection

    (Photos shown are examples only)

    Cattleyas and their relations are considered to be royalty among orchids.  Nothing seems quite as showy or classic, as a well grown Cattleya in full glory.  What we love most about this part of the orchid family, is the range of colors, shapes, sizes and even fragrances that are available for the discerning collector. Most growers start their orchid journey with a Phalaenopsis and perhaps even a Ladyslipper or Dancing Lady orchid. These make great beginner plants to try and they do well in most home growing environments.  But what happens when your conditions change or you are ready to try something new and different?  

    That is where the idea for our latest collection came from.  Included will be Five different Cattleya plants from within the Cattleya alliance.  (Meaning Cattleya, Laelia, Brassavola, and intergenerics of these kinds).  Our growers will include a different plant for each of the criteria listed below.  Growing requirements may vary depending on what received, giving you the grower a chance to experience a wide range of selections.  All plants included will be in 2.5"-3" pots.  Some will be ready for new containers this coming spring season. Some will be close to flowering size, and others will take a few years.  

    * Miniature or Compact Grower

    * Easy to Grow Species

    * Grower Suitable for Mount Culture

    * Carter and Holmes Original Mericlone

    * Carter and Holmes Hybrid, Meaning Seed-Grown


      Please note that no further discounts, promo codes or coupons apply to this discounted price.  Duplicates may occur when ordering multiple sets.  Regular Packing and Shipping will be added.

       To learn more about about this plant, including time to first flowering please click on the 'Additional Information' tab below.  Unless otherwise stated, please understand that bloom photos show mature sized plants not what those offered currently look like.

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  2. Teacup Paphiopedilum Duo

    Teacup Paphiopedilum Duo


    Teacup Paphiopedilum Duo

    We are very pleased to offer these new selections from our friends at Lehua Orchids.  These charming complex crosses were bred with the expectation of dwarf or 'teacup' sized plants with showy blooms.  We are simply in love with them! 

    Growing conditions are similar to most other Paphiopedilums meaning medium light levels and intermediate temperatures are best year round.  Plants reach maturity in 4" or smaller pots, and will stay compact with foliage having a leaf span of approximately 6 inches.  Great for collections in restricted space, or for those growing under artificial lights.

    This special offering includes one each of the following crosses, growing in 4" pots and large enough to flower in the next 6-12 months.  

    Paphiopedilum Memoria Sandra Pechter Song (Paph. Wössner Ministar x In-Charm Lovely)- The first parent is a stunning green bulldog type.  The resulting flowers on these seedlings are petite bulldog style blooms with tan and peach shading. Named for the creative hybridizer who dreamed of this teacup breeding line.

    Paphiopedilum Jewel Pink (Paph. Egret's Jewel x charlesworthii)- We have seen these flower and they are just as darling as the name implies,  Delicate dark pink and mauve blooms with veining in the dorsal.  Foliage is a light silvery green with darker variegation. 


      Pricing on this item is Net, and no further discounts or Promo Codes apply.


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