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Good Orchid Handling Practices

  1. Clean potting bench with a Physan solution (1 teaspoon per gallon) between numbers.
  2. Use sterile cutting tools (Keep three pairs of clippers and a good supply of razor blades.) -Soak in caustic for 5 minutes or more - or sterilize with heat (400 degrees F) between uses - or use a flame sterilizer. Caustic should cover cutting surface. Clippers should stay in caustic night and day. We will replace any worn out cutting tools.
  3. Use gloves - change between numbers or dip in Physan solution. If you ever do work with orchids without wearing gloves, wash your hands carefully with a disinfectant soap between numbers.
  4. Destroy virused plants - Gene can tell you if you are unsure. Save all plants you have questions about to show him! Please notice and pick up any plants you are unsure of while watering, collecting for orders, or potting.
  5. Do not re-use pots or rhizome clips or stakes until they have been sterilized. Use new ones if possible.
  6. Do not break off dead blooms and then handle other plants. Use sterile razor blades. If you ever do use your hands, wash your hands with disinfectant soap afterward.
  7. Treat every plant as if it has virus.

Note: For specific care, please click on one of these links:

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